Batman: Arkham Origins Gets Full Details, Has Open World, Emphasizes Detective Skills

There's a younger Batman and a lot of old and new enemies

After being confirmed to the world yesterday, Batman: Arkham Origin has now received a full and quite lengthy list of details, confirming that the title has an open world and that it will emphasize detective skills by tasking Batman with solving all sorts of mysteries and crimes in and around Gotham City.

Batman: Arkham Origins was heavily rumored in recent months and now the game has been made official yesterday thanks to the cover reveal of Game Informer magazine.

Now, the official details mentioned in the article have made their way online and confirm many of the game's features.

Batman: Arkham Origins will take place a few years before Arkham Asylum and Arkham City, starring a less experienced Batman who has yet to earn the trust of the Gotham City police or the fear of his different enemies.

The game will have an open world filled with many different activities, from crimes in progress, to hidden missions that can be uncovered only by exploring the city.

Check out the full list of impressive details posted by AGB below.

- Batman: Arkham Origins is set on Christmas Eve, years before Arkham City and Arkham Asylum, where mob boss Black Mask has it in for Batman. And he’s not the only one. Top super villains from the DC Comics universe are out to catch the world’s greatest detective. And even cops have joined the manhunt. Batman’s goal is to find out why Black Mask wants him dead, and to prove to the good cops that he’s on their side.

- The game will offer a familiar combat system with “new layers, new opportunities, new tactics,” and new enemy types.

- The Batwing will make a return, but Batman won’t control it directly. It will figure into story sequences and acts as a universe-appropriate form of fast travel.

- New to the game is a remote claw similar to the Grappler in Just Cause 2. Batman can target two objects and fire out a claw. One claw will hook to the first object and another onto the second. Batman can then pull both objects together. Tactics for which this can be used include knocking enemies together, slamming heavy objects into foes, etc.

- The predator-like sequences, where Batman swings from perch to perch, glide kicks, strings guys upside down, etc. will return.

- Half of the game is made up of ‘Old Gotham’. Though there is an entirely new area of the game, across the bridge, called ‘New Gotham’, which is described as much classier and with much taller skyscrapers. The new zone is also said to double the size of the game world.

- Players will be able to dismantle a hacked tower network, which consists of towers emitting a jamming signal preventing the Batwing from flying into the area, meaning fast travel is not an option. It also stops Batman’s sensors from placing points of interest on the map. Tower take-downs vary and require all of Batman’s skills. Some can be taken down quickly and easily, while others require upgrades.

- The game will offer “Crime in Progress” moments where Batman can, for example, save cops from a group of thugs, etc. This, among other activities, will earn Batman experience points and respect from the Gotham City Police Department.

- A “Most Wanted” system will allow players to go after villains outside of the main storyline. These missions can be tackled as you discover them .

- Some missions will offer upgrades. If you had a tough time with a certain mission, Batman’s butler Alfred might offer you a new gadget.

- A new “Dark Knight” system will provide the player a string of tasks that slowly increases in difficulty as they progress through the game. This won’t replace challenge mode, however.

Batman: Arkham Origins is going to be released on October 25 for the PC, PS3, Xbox 360, and Nintendo Wii U.

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