Batman: Arkham City Features Playable Catwoman, Video Included

Right before the start of E3 2011, Rocksteady Studios, the developer behind the upcoming Batman: Arkham City, has confirmed that the new game will feature a second playable character, besides the Dark Knight, in the form of Catwoman, who will have her own storyline built into the campaign of the game.

Batman: Arkham City is one of the most anticipated games of this year, largely because its predecessor, Arkham Asylum, managed to impress legions of fans through its sharp gameplay, respect to the comic book character and interesting story.

Now, Arkham City is set to take all these things one step further, by refining the gameplay, upgrading the game's world and adding even more new features.

Chief among them, and up until now a closely guarded secret, is the fact that you'll be able to play as Catwoman during the campaign of the Arkham City.

She won't get a separate side-story, like the Joker did in Asylum, however, as the famous burglar will embark on her own quest at the same time as Batman.

According to an exclusive preview from GameSpot, while traveling through Arkham City, Batman has the option to land on certain rooftops with cats on them. When he approached them, a prompt appears, asking if he wants to take a break, which enables players to hop into the tight leather outfit of Catwoman and embark on a series of side quests around the game's world.

Playing as Catwoman will be completly different from Batman, as Rocksteady emphasizes that you'll have different ways of traveling through the city, different combat options as well as unique challenges that highlights the special powers of the cat burglar.

These quests will usually involve breaking into vaults or enemy compounds, sneaking around and using her own special Catvision, which unlike Batman's Detective Vision, highlights things Catwoman can steal or use to her advantage in order to steal.

Catwoman's campaign accounts for around 10 percent of Arkham City's whole story, so players won't get too bored with the famous thief.

For a look at how Catwoman will play in Batman: Arkham City, check out the special video below.

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