Rescued Battery Hen Knows How to Count from 1 to 7

JJ is now trying to make head and tail of 8, owner says it is almost there

One peculiar and quite entertaining hen from Felmingham in the English county of Norfolk can supposedly count from 1 to 7, and is presently busy trying to wrap its head around 8.

Thus, this bird need only look at a card for a while, and then it is fully capable of showing that it knows exactly how many hearts, clubs, diamonds or spades are to be found on it.

In order to prove its understanding, the hen simply uses its peck to tap on the card for as many times as it takes until its taps match the card's number.

“She really is the most remarkable hen. She is trying to learn how to count to eight but she keeps gettig a little confused,” owner Helen Jones told members of the press.

Furthermore, “The other chickens are amazed. They all stand and watch and then want to have a go themselves. One or two have tried it but they don’t seem to get it.”

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