Basque Country UNESCO Website Hacked by NullCrew

The attack is part of the group's campaign against world governments

NullCrew hackers have defaced the official website of UNESCO Etxea (, the UNESCO center of the Basque Country.

“Welcome to the new front page of unescoetxea. You have been targeted by NullCrew, as part of the [Expletive]TheSystem movement. We have began the war, once again; but this time, good-luck even coming close to winning,” the hackers wrote.

“The United Nations, just a bunch of corrupt nations; united by one source of power. And for that reason, we have came back; to repeat the process. Enjoy the candy,” they added.

Besides this statement, the defacement page also contains some server details and other information stolen from the organization's systems. In addition, a YouTube video of Ice Cube has also been posted on the site’s main page.

At the time the article was published, the website was still defaced.

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