Barry Manilow’s Face at A Capitol Fourth Show Is the Talk of Twitter – Photo

Singer closes the PBS show, gets the twitterverse talking of new plastic surgery

At this point, you have to be really obstinate not to admit to the fact that legendary singer Barry Manilow has had lots of plastic surgery on his face. He performed at the annual PBS A Capitol Fourth show, but it was not his music the twitterverse chose to focus on.

As NewsMax points out, while many fans took to social media to praise the 70-year-old star for singing live and delivering a flawless performance, others were simply too shocked to comment anything else beyond a few remarks on his altered countenance.

A photo of Barry at the show is above, click to see it in full.

For the time being, we don’t have video but I think that, while the photo above speaks volumes for Barry’s most recent surgical tweaks, a testament of his amazing vocal skills can be found anywhere online, if you only take a few minutes to look for a good quality video.

The man can sing live, he is a legend.

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