Barclays Bankers Prefer the iPad over Any Other Tablet

“…we concluded that iPads were the best solution for their specific needs”

Barclays UK has confirmed in a statement that the bank has secured 8,500 Apple tablet computers “to assist our branch colleagues to interact with customers, improving the customer experience,” according to a spokesperson.

In what is regarded as one of the biggest corporate rollouts of the iPad in the UK, the spokesperson said, “We investigated a number of different tablet options and in this instance, we concluded that iPads were the best solution for their specific needs.”

“We are now starting to use these across Barclays branches in the UK,” the spokesperson added.

The bank will use Mortgage Brain, an app tailored to bankers’ needs. Mortgage Brain is also used by the likes of RBS, Virgin Money, Santander, Lloyds TSB and Nationwide, according to The Next Web.

The device model has not been disclosed, but even if the tablets are the new iPad minis, the bank has shelled out over £2 million ($3.1 million / €2.4 million) to acquire the computers.

The order was routed through Insight UK, a British vendor of IT solutions which may have offered the bank a discount on their bulk purchase of 8,500 iPads.

Insight UK itself confirmed that large enterprises in the UK are beginning to show “significant interest in the take up of Apple iPads.”

Apple’s advantage over competitors in the tablet landscape is that it offers a complete solution that works great in any environment, out of the box.

While others struggle to offer independent enterprise-grade solutions, the iPad is just as suitable for the work environment as it is for kindergartens, in any given configuration.

Today being Black Friday, Apple is slashing $41 / €41 off the latest iPad with Retina display (fourth-generation). iPad 2 is discounted $31 / €31.

Sadly, iPad mini buyers will have to pay the full retail price – $329 / €329 – as the diminutive tablet PC is not included in today’s sales (due to its low profit margins).

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