“Barbie” Valeria Lukyanova Looks Entirely Different Without Photoshop

Barbie's nose does not appear that tiny, and her eyes are significantly smaller

22-year-old Valeria Lukyanova's otherworldly looks have distinguished her as the “Human Barbie,” complete with long blond hair, a slender body frame and doll-like facial features.

The Ukrainian Barbie recently appeared in a fashion spread by V Magazine, in which she gave fans details about her life. She works as a spiritual adviser, has a passion for the metaphysical and councils others on out-of-body travel.

Now The Dirty is trying to expose her as a Photoshop wonder, basically a fraud who, if you were to meet in person, you wouldn't recognize.

In this YouTube clip of Valeria speaking about issues with her neck, which don't allow her to keep her head in a straight position, she does look different from the digitally enhanced Barbie. Her skin is not immaculate, her eyes do not seem as big as they do in the shoot, and her nose appears slightly larger.

CeleBitchy also published a piece on Valeria, bringing a before plastic surgery clip to light.

The video shows a beautiful, yet completely different Barbie. In her “after” shots a nose job is quite visible, and the Ukrainian also sports an incredibly tinier waist.

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