Barbara Walters Returns to The View After 6 Weeks – Video

After chicken pox and concussion, Barbara gets VIP welcome on the show

It’s been six weeks since Barbara Walters fainted, fell and hit her head at one of the parties held on the occasion of Barack Obama’s 2012 Inauguration, and was later diagnosed with chicken pox, but the veteran television personality is back – and she’s feeling better than ever.

“The only cure for concussion it seems was rest, and that’s what I’ve been doing for months. The chicken pox came and went weeks ago… The head injury has taken longer,” Barbara explained on the show, as the video below will confirm.

Touched by the warm reaction, Walters went to great lengths to assure the audience and her co-hosts in particular that she was in perfect health.

“After a lot of scratching and rest, I am fine, and I am healthy,” she said.

Barbara also received a VIP welcome, which included, among other things, a surprise appearance from Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who brought her flowers.

Check it out.

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