Barbara Walters Is Disappointed in Lindsay Lohan

Walters talks canceled 20/20 segment, huge disappointment on The View

Over the weekend, word got out that Lindsay Lohan had bailed on Barbara Walters, canceling at the last minute an interview for the 20/20 segment she’d agreed to months in advance. It’s no wonder then that Barbara feels “so disappointed” by the whole thing.

Below is a video of Walters explaining what happened on The View just hours ago.

She notes that the interview had been scheduled sometime last summer, when Lindsay was still shooting for Lifetime’s biopic “Liz & Dick,” about Elizabeth Taylor’s life.

In fact, she and a camera crew even went to the movie set, where they shot what they assumed would be first footage for the interview.

In it, Walters is asking Lohan about the time when someone called the paramedics to her hotel room because she was unresponsive, with the actress saying she was simply extremely “tired” and had fallen asleep.

When the interview was canceled, Barbara explains, she was simply told by Lohan’s people that “Lindsay doesn’t feel up to it,” which she would have understood even if it came at the eleventh hour.

To her surprise, she found out that Lindsay would be doing an interview with Jay Leno this week – so much for “not feeling up to it.”

“If they’d said to me, ‘She isn’t up for the kind of questions you might ask’… if they had told me that, I wouldn’t feel quite as disappointed as I do today,” Barbara says.

Even though disappointed and clearly upset, Walters still wishes Lohan nothing but the best, having known her for many years.

“I wish Lindsay the best. We would have done a wonderful interview. I hope she feels well. As far Jay goes, I love Jay, more power to him,” Barbara says.

Ever since the 20/20 cancelation, Lindsay has not said a peep on the topic.

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