Barack Obama’s Weight Is Called into Question

As President emerges from gym “thin as a rail”

Barack Obama and wife Michelle Obama are America’s number-one couple in terms of advocating a healthy lifestyle, based on eating well and working out regularly. However, reports in the US media have it that this, combined with all the hard work he’s been putting in as of late, might have taken its toll on the President’s figure, which is now “thin as a rail.”

Stories calling into question Obama’s weight were started by The Drudge Report, which posted a couple of paparazzi shots of the President leaving the gym and then went on to say that, perhaps, this combination of a rigorous workout routine and work was not the best for his health. Not only does Obama seem thinner than ever, but it could very well be that his health is in peril, if he continues to lose weight at this rate, the aforementioned e-zine seems to say.

“Eyebrows raised over the weekend as President Obama walked out of the gym at Fort McNair – appearing thin as a rail!” The Drudge Report says. “Rigorous workouts and high-stress basketball games are said to be behind the dramatic weight loss.” the website further claims. An insider confirms the weight loss is due to working out, saying, “No, he’s not chain smoking. He’s working non-stop for the country... yes, he does occasionally skip meals.”

However, Obama himself said a few days back, while in Miami, that his weight and his losing a few pounds should not be reason to worry for anyone, because he might be thin, but he was still as “strong” as ever. Still, that does not change the fact that he looks lighter than before, with some even saying that he was already too thin as he was, California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger included.

“I’m going to make him do some squats.” the former “Terminator” star said of the man who had not yet become the President of the United States. In the same speech, Schwarzenegger also joked about Obama’s “scrawny little arms,” saying he needed a bit more flesh on them.

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