Barack Obama Misses Donald Trump’s Deadline

Now, the real estate mogul has money to spare and no place to put it

Even though Donald Trump, aka The Donald, was more than generous to extend the deadline for President Obama because of Hurricane Sandy, Obama failed to rise to the occasion.

The other day, Trump announced he would give the President an extra day to come up with documentation from his youth (school records, passport application, the likes) because he imagined he’d be tied up with the crisis left behind by the hurricane.

If Obama complied, Trump pledged to donate $5 million (€3.8 million) to whichever charity or charities the President picked, saying this was “a check I very much want to write.”

Today is Friday and the President has obviously ignored Trump’s offer, because it expired on Thursday. In other words, The Donald has $5 million (€3.8 million) lying around and no place to put that kind of money.

What should he do with the check? Here’s my idea, what’s yours?

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