Barack Obama Gets “Need-to-Do” List from Greenpeace

The organization wants to help the US President figure out its working agenda for 2013

Most people think about their New Year's resolutions long before a brand new (and more or less sunshiny) month of January makes its debut.

Still, when one happens to be the President of the United States, one should expect to receive “need-to-do” lists from other people, such as the environmentalists working with Greenpeace.

In the aftermath of his inauguration speech, during which he drew attention to issues such as climate change, global warming and their negatively impacting on the country, Barack Obama received the following “need-to-do” list from Greenpeace:

1) Put a final period on the end of "No Keystone Pipeline.

2) Accelerate the expansion of clean, safe renewable energy.

3) Make carbon unaffordable.

4) Save the Arctic.

5) Support communities most impacted by climate change.

The organization is hopeful the president will consider their recommendations, and that it will not be long until measures are taken to tackle both pollution and climate change.

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