Bar Refaeli Makes Out with Nerd in Go Daddy Super Bowl Ad

Geek power meets ultimate hotness in new commercial

As if Danica Patrick wasn’t enough hotness for a Go Daddy ad, the recently released Super Bowl spot brings another stunner in the mix: supermodel Bar Refaeli.

To illustrate how Go Daddy is the perfect combination of “sexy meets smart,” Patrick introduces Bar and Walter as the two sides of Go Daddy.

They might be different, but they act together – and the ad makes that crystal clear by having them share a passionate kiss, of which the cameras make sure we don’t miss a single second.

I bet all of us know by now that computer geeks / nerds tend to get all the girls these days because smart is sometimes more attractive than looks, but this ad actually makes it possible for them to dream of one day getting a supermodel as hot and rich as Bar.

As they say, sky’s the limit.

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