Bank of Queensland Phishing Scam: New Security Message

Victims are tricked into handing over their online banking credentials

Customers of Australia’s Bank of Queensland are recommended to be careful these days when opening emails that appear to originate from the financial institution.

Fake notifications are instructing customers to click on a link in order to read “1 new security message,” Hoax Slayer informs.

In reality, the email has nothing to do with Bank of Queensland, and those who click on the Log In link are taken to a malicious website that replicates the organization’s sign-in page.

By entering their online banking credentials, victims are actually allowing cybercriminals to take over their accounts.

Here’s what these emails look like, just in case you run into them:

Dear Customer,

Important security message

Your security is very important to us. You Have 1 Secured Message

To View Your Message, Please click the "Log In" link below to access your BOQ Online Account.

Log In

BOQ Customer Service.

2012 Copyright Bank Of Queensland.

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