Bangladeshi Hackers Fight Back, Hack Pakistani Government Sites

The targets are the Pakistan Army, a High Court, and several other high-profile websites

Earlier today, we learned that the members of the Pakistan Cyber Army hacked and defaced a total of 26 Bangladeshi government sites. In response to these attacks, Bangladesh Grey Hat Hackers took aim at several high-profile sites from Pakistan.

They’ve defaced the sites of the Finance Department of Batagram, the LyallPur Museum Faisalabad, the Sindh Public Procurement Regulatory Authority, the Provincial Assembly of Punjab, the Talash Foundation, and the Multan Cantonment Board.

The hackers have breached the systems of several sites owned by businesses and the ones of a couple of educational institutions.

They’ve also leaked information they claim to have obtained from the databases of the Lahore High Court, a Pakistani university, and the systems of the Pakistan Army.

“It’s a last warning to the government of Pakistan. We can see hackers from your country continuously attacking our government's sites. We have already warned them. Now it is your duty to choose the path of war or peace,” the hackers wrote on the defaced sites.

“We will destroy everything on your cyberspace if we find your hackers next time entering into Bangladeshi cyberspace. Take proper steps against them or made them understand, not to play with the fire. Otherwise, we will remind you of 1971. It’s a last warning for the government of Pakistan. Peace or War, the choice is yours.”

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