Bangladeshi Hackers Deface 5 Government and 5 Education Sites from Pakistan

A total of over 60 Pakistani websites have been breached by BGHH

Bangladeshi Grey Hat Hackers (BGHH) have breached and defaced several Pakistani websites, including 5 that belong to government organizations and 5 managed by educational institutions.

The list of victims includes the Finance and Planning Department of the District Government of Buner, the Punjab Model for Proactive Governance, the Mianwali Police, the Hailey College of Commerce, the Directorate of Staff Development of the Government of the Punjab, and the NCC Computer College.

Several commercial Pakistani website, including the one of car manufacturer Honda, have also been defaced. The total number of affected website is around 60.

“It is 16th December. The day when we got Independence from Pakistan. We dedicate this attack to all the martyrs of Bangladesh who lost their lives during the war. After serious attacks on Pakistani cyberspace by Bangladesh Grey Hat Hackers, Pakistani’s surrendered to us, like they surrendered at 16th December 1971,” the hackers stated.

They’ve posted a picture of an alleged Pakistani hacker saying: “Bd Grey Hat Hacker's won this war now stop defacing we left the war field.”

The attacks took place around 24 hours ago and at the time of writing, most of the government and education websites appeared to have been restored. Many of the commercial sites still bore the hacktivists’ defacement page.

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