Bangladesh Cyber Army Attacks Indian Sites in Memory of 15-Year-Old Girl – Video

DDOS attacks have been launched against the websites of BSNL and PaisaControl

The Bangladesh Cyber Army is back and it claims to have already defaced over 1,000 Indian websites as a form of protest against the country’s Border Security Force (BSF). Besides the defacements, they also claim to have taken down two major Indian sites.

They resumed their operation against India on January 7, the day that marked 2 years since the BSF “brutally murdered” Felani, a 15-year-old Bangladeshi girl.

“Last February, Bangladesh Cyber Army caused massive attack over Indian Cyber Space and this time, they are planning on something much bigger,” the hackers told Softpedia in an email.

“Over 1,000 Indian sites have already been defaced and the site of India's biggest telecommunication company BSNL has gone down due to DDoS attacks of Bangladesh Cyber Army. The website of Paisacontrol which is a supporting website of Indian Stock Exchange has also gone down! Bigger attacks will be coming!” they added.

The hacktivists have released a video in which they highlight the fact that the “war” against India is far from being over.

“As we said before, we would not stop our attacks until our demands are fulfilled. Though it seemed at first that our demands were under consideration, there has not been any improvement of the situation. Rather the brutality has increased in border regions,” they stated.

The hackers claim that they will continue launching cyberattacks against India until their demands are met. They urge India to stop hacking Bangladeshi websites, stop killing innocent Bangladeshi citizens at the borders, and put an end to the Tipaimukh dam project.

They also want India to sign the Teesta water-sharing treaty, to return stolen patents, stop all anti-Bangladesh activities and punish all those who have committed crimes against the country, and allow the Bangladesh media to enter India.

Here is the video published by the Bangladesh Cyber Army:

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