Bangladesh Army Website Breached by Indian Hacker

Server and internal network details have been published online

An Indian hacker that goes by the name of Godzilla claims to have breached a server operated by Bangladesh’s Army, on which the website is hosted.

To demonstrate his findings, the hacker has published some server and internal network configuration details on Pastebin.

“Stop supporting terrorist organizations. Put your best men at work now, we will come back in December,” the hacker wrote.

He told The Hacker News that this was a form of protest against the fact that the Bangladeshi Army supported terrorist organizations. He stated that the targeted site had worse security measures set in place than a “school website.” has been temporarily taken offline as a result of the hack.

Considering that Indian and Bangladeshi hackers are in a constant battle, it’s likely that we’ll see some sort of retaliation for this attack.

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