Banana Ban Imposed at New BBC Headquarters in London

One member of the staff is allergic to the fruit, and co-workers are protecting them

Posters have gone up at the new BBC headquarters in London, outlawing, believe it or not, bananas.

The UK Telegraph explains that one of the members of the staff is allergic to the fruit, and cannot even come in contact with a banana or its peel.

As a result, “specific areas of the newsroom” have been plastered with signs forbidding employees to peel or eat them.

BBC higher-ups have stressed that they had nothing to do with the ban. Co-workers of the allergic person made sure to let everyone know that bringing bananas to the workplace is hazardous.

There is no word on who the employee suffering from the allergy is, but I can tell you it is a new reporter with the network.

Whoever suffers from said allergy can go into anaphylactic shock, in the event of which constricted airways would lead to an untimely death.

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