Bamboo-Shaped Flash Drives from Apacer Released

They support USB 3.0 and can connect to one another

Since people are bound to frown at the slow speed of USB 2.0 flash drives, such as the recently revealed devices from PNY, Apacer's newest inventions are guaranteed to get attention.

Of course, one might say Apacer doesn't really need to rely on the rising level of interest in USB 3.0 flash drives.

The newest product of this type to leave its research and development labs is the AH153.

Colored in green, it resembles a bamboo ring and has a so-called "step-by-step" design that lets multiple AH153 drives, and AH137 models for that matter, join together.

This “creates fun of use, adding fresh and elegant literati taste to technology products,” according to the press release. It makes one wonder why the hardware maker did not give it some sort of fancy name.

The AH137 flash drive is a weaker counterpart, of sorts, with only USB 2.0 support.

Then again, performance is not the only area where the AH153 has advantages. As far as capacity goes, the USB 3.0 version is better too. While the AH137 comes in 4 to 32 GB, the AH153 is available in 16 to 64 GB.

That said, both drives boast a durable rubber design with advanced chip-on-board technology. This makes them resistant to water, dust and shocks.

Of course, with how small the products are, it is unlikely they will ever gather enough momentum for the kinetic force of a fall to become high enough to inflict damage.

The asset that Apacer is bound to get more credit for is the ACE compression software, which can supposedly increase capacity by 500% (it actually reduces the size of some files, nothing else).

Overall, the AH135 is a capacious and fast storage device (the top transfer speed is of 90 MB/s). Unfortunately, its price is unknown, and the same goes for the USB 2.0 AH137.

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