Bamboo Bluetooth Keyboard Launched by Impecca

Taking the idea of environmental friendliness to its logical conclusion

When it comes to “green” technology, there are certain limits that no hardware company can get past, as there isn't a way to actually substitute circuits for something else.

Every other part of tech products are fair game though, something Impecca was all too willing to follow up on.

The company has revealed a new Bluetooth keyboard made of bamboo.

Environmentally-friendly items need to be biodegradable, and there isn't a much better way of ensuring that other than using materials straight from nature.

Wood, naturally, is a very appropriate substitute for plastic. And since bamboo has become quite popular for green peripherals, that is what Impecca used, though it still chose to employ a metal skeleton.

The bamboo Bluetooth keyboard will be shown at CES 2013 in Las Vegas, Nevada, the USA, between January 8 and 11. Its price should be of $99 / 75 Euro.

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