Ballpark Facebook Check-Ins Dominate Top 10, in 2012

Find out which ballpark is Facebook users' favorite

Most of us have used the Facebook mobile check-in feature at one point, but, apparently, nobody uses it more than sports fans. According to NBC Sports, most hit the check-in button in 2012 while they were at ballparks.

Times Square, in New York and Disneyland, in California, were the preferred locations for users that really wanted everybody to know they were on vacation.

The other non-sports related location on Facebook's list is the Universal Studios set in California, which ranked in at number 8.

Oddly enough, all the other 7 locations on this list are all ballparks. Without further ado, Facebook mobile users' favorite ballpark is the AT&T Park, also located in California.

Yankee Stadium in New York comes after it, ranking fourth in the overall top. Rangers Ballpark in Texas, Fenway Park in Massachusetts, Dodger Stadium in California, Wrigley Field in Illinois and Angel Stadium in California also made the top 10.

It seems California also dominated this top 10, sporting 50 percent of entries.

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