Ballistix Low Profile Memory, Crucial's Latest Creation

They have up to 8 GB density and some benefits over competing products

In high-end systems, oversized CPU coolers, sometimes get in the way of memory, or the other way around.

That is why Crucial decided to create some low profile RAM modules that, rather than HTPCs or other mini computers, are intended for high-performance systems.

The capacity is of up to 8 GB, yet the voltage is lower than usual (1.35 V versus 1.5 V) and the size is 15 to 35% smaller.

Soon enough, the various modules will show up for sale, so we will finally see what prices they have. There will be both single-module and multi-channel kit offers, compatible with both Intel and AMD CPUs and APUs.

"While other low profile offerings on the market provide some clearance, Crucial Ballistix LP memory delivers a true low profile and low power design to give users more clearance around their CPU coolers, while using less power for increased energy efficiency," said Jeremy Mortensen, senior worldwide product manager, Crucial.

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