Bald Eagle Stuck Upside Down in a Tree Is Rescued by Firefighters

The bird accidentally got caught in a fishing line, needed urgent help

Not long after a dolphin needed help from a group of divers in order to free itself from a fishing line that kept it from moving swiftly through the water, a Bald Eagle from Naples, Florida found itself in a rather similar situation.

Thus, the bird was spotted hanging upside down from a tree, courtesy of a fishing line that got tangled around one of its legs and kept is from flying properly.

Given the fact that the Bald Eagle was obviously in distress, the people who first saw it decided to call in a team of first responders, sources say.

Apparently, the firefighters had to spend a total of 45 minutes trying to free the bird, yet their efforts finally paid off. Realizing that is was now out of danger, the Bald Eagle was quick in departing from its rescuers.

Hopefully, it will manage to stay out of trouble in the future.

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