“Bad Kids Go To Hell” Trailer: Detention Has Never Looked More Terrifying

New horror comedy will be out in select theaters in December

By on November 23rd, 2012 12:25 GMT

Detention is usually something bad kids are well accustomed to, and the same applies to the lot in the upcoming “Bad Kids Go to Hell,” which just got a brand new trailer. Check it out below.

Working mostly with a cast of unknowns, the film seems to play out like a typical horror comedy, with an extra dose of sauciness on the side.

The gist is that a group of very naught kids from a prep school are thrown together in detention: they must spend an entire Saturday there, actually. As a side note, locking them in seems a bit extreme, even if it makes sense in the movie.

Because they’re bored, they summon a spirit of the undead to determine whether the school is haunted or not. You don’t have to guess: it is.

“Bad Kids Go to Hell” is directed by Matthew Spradlin on his own graphic novel, and will be out in select theaters on December 7.