Bad Company 2 Beta Gives a Destruction Toll

The end-result promises a very fun game

Electronic Arts and DICE have been working on Battlefield Bad Company 2 for quite a while now. While the first BC wasn't available on the PC, the developer decided that it was time to give something back to the community that helped the Battlefield franchise evolve and become what it was at the moment. So, on a wave of PC loyalty, the developer reacted very sharply when one of its major competitors, Infinity Ward and its Modern Warfare 2, began to announce all the cheap shots it took at the PC platform.

As soon as MW2's developer began to announce that the game wouldn't support dedicated servers and that multiplayer matches would be shopped down to a maximum of 18 total players, DICE didn't waste a second to use this as a perfect publicity stunt. Every time Infinity Ward announced that it took some aspect away from the multiplayer mode, DICE stepped forth and made sure everyone was clear that its upcoming game wouldn't be making the same mistake. While a bit of a dirty trick on its part, if the title proves to be better than MW2, no one has the right to judge it.

Currently, a beta for the game is running, but it's only available for the PlayStation 3. In response to the positive reception the beta received, even if it wasn't in its plan, the developer has decided to roll the same deal on the PC next year. "The BFBC2 PS3 Beta has been a huge success thanks to the massive participation (300,000+ people) and invaluable feedback," DICE announced. "The team is, and has been, very busy reviewing tons [of] telemetry data, feedback from the community, and implementing it into the final game for an amazing launch this March 2010."

The PS3 beta will end on December 21, but, until then, DICE has put together some stats to show off its game, and, at a first glance, one might see that there may be something a bit fishy about weapon balance. After all, 1.68 million knife kills out of a total of 42.5 million is a bit too much for the “weapon of desperation.” The exact numbers collected from the beta are listed below.

Total kills = 45.42M;

9.4M kills from Vehicles;

3.43M Vehicles Destroyed;

380K Houses Destroyed;

1.01M Marksman Headshots;

Total points awarded = 10 100 094 360;

Total number of Revives = 2.52M;

Total Repair Tool kills = 15.58K;

Total Defibrillator Kills = 12.69K;

Total Knife Kills = 1.69M;

Total C4 Kills = 730.81K.

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