Backstreet Boys Visit China, Feed Panda Bears Their Lunch

The pop stars hold the panda bears in their arms, feed them through bottles

The Backstreet Boys have been around for two decades now. In fact, they celebrated their 20th anniversary this past May 25.

To mark the event, the band decided to go on a global tour, which was launched in Beijing, China.

While visiting this country, the Boys paid a visit to a panda breeding center: the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding.

Unlike other visitors to this panda sanctuary, the pop stars didn't settle for just looking at the cute, fuzzy panda bears living here.

They decided to help out the center's staff by grabbing some bottles and feeding the pandas their lunch.

The bears seem pretty happy to be getting all this attention, and I for one have to admit that seeing the Backstreet Boys and pandas all in one picture truly is the highlight of my day.

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