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Offensive Security, leaders in Online information security training, proudly announced last evening the final release of their extremely popular security oriented operating system, BackTrack 4. After quite a long development period, the team tried to make BackTrack 4 one of the perfect Linux distributions for security-related tasks. It is now powered by a new Linux kernel, includes an expanded and larger toolset repository and custom utilities that can only be found in BackTrack 4.

The final version of BackTrack 4 also includes lots and lots of bug fixes and improvements over previous releases. In the release announcement, the BackTrack Linux development team says, "This release we received an overwhelming support from the community and we are grateful to everyone that has contributed to the success of this release. We’ve moved BackTrack to a dedicated home, where you will be able to keep updated with the development status and latest news. Our goal was to finally produce a focused and dedicated security Linux distribution that has its own resources, personnel, and drive that have dedication in making BackTrack better than it has ever been."

Powered by Linux kernel, the new BackTrack 4 operating system contains many patched wireless drivers to improve wireless injection attacks. The following list of "external" wireless drivers was added: r8187 (IEEE802.11 drivers), madwifi-ng (IEEE802.11 Atheros drivers), rt73 k2wrlz (IEEE802.11 rt73 drivers), rt3070 (STA drivers (no injection)), broadcom hybrid (STA drivers (no injection)), rt2860 (STA Drivers (no injection)), rt2870 (STA Drivers (no injection)), rt3070 (STA Drivers (no injection)). However, there are some wireless drivers that are known not to work, for example the Broadcom wireless drivers.

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BackTrack 4 Final

BackTrack is a very popular Live DVD Linux distribution that focuses on system and network penetration testing, featuring analysis and diagnostic applications that can be run right from the CD. BackTrack emerged from Whax and Auditor Security Collection distributions, using what was best from both in one complete solution. If you are curious what else you can do with the BackTrack 4 Linux distribution, or for installation instructions and other useful tutorials, check out the official BackTrack 4 documentation.

Download BackTrack 4 Final right now from Softpedia.

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