BlackBerry 10 Phones Compared to iPhone 5 in New Renders

Unofficial renders, but built using leaked photos and info on the handsets

Tomorrow is a big day for both BlackBerry enthusiasts out there and for the company that makes the platform and handsets powered by it, Research In Motion, as the long-touted BlackBerry 10 OS is set to become official at a press event held internationally.

RIM is expected to take the wraps off both the new mobile platform and devices powered by it, long rumored to have been included in the company’s new, touch-enabled L-Series.

We have already had the chance to have a look at some leaked photos with these devices, and they indeed managed to impress.

However, new renders with a BlackBerry 10 handset next to an iPhone 5, coming from Martin Hajek (via Gizmodo), appear meant to showcase once again the appealing design that RIM will pack its new-generation smartphones with.

Designed using the previously leaked info on the BlackBerry 10 devices, along with the already spotted photos with these handsets, the photos do not show the actual smartphones, but very good representations of them.

Given that Martin Hajek managed to create both the BlackBerry 10 handset and the iPhone 5 in 3D, we can have a better look at how the two devices will stack up against one another once the former is available for purchase.

The internal specifications of the new BlackBerry 10 devices are expected to match the outer design, which should create a new, better experience for all users.

Not to mention that the BB10 platform will bring along new functionality, such as gestures support, better services integration, brand new applications to keep users socially connected, and the like.

RIM will load the platform on QWERTY-enabled handsets as well, phones that will be included in the N-Series, and which will arrive on the market at a later date. You can have a look at renders of these devices as well, all courtesy of Martin Hajek.


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