Back-Bone Ribcage Adds C-Mount Lens Support to GoPro Cameras

With Back-Bone Ribcage you will be able to use interchangeable lenses on your GoPro camera

GoPro cameras are very popular among extreme sports fans and are widely used to capture video footage or photographs that otherwise couldn't be captured in such detail.

While GoPro cameras are small and compact, there are still a few shortcomings limiting its potential. One of them could be the short battery life of around 90 minutes or so without any attachments, which can go down to about 40 minutes of actual footage when using a GoPro LCD BacPac or enable the Wi-Fi.

Another drawback might be the fact that GoPro comes with a single wide-angle fixed lens and doesn't support interchangeable lenses that could enhance its potential when you're not shooting action scenes.

Here is where a custom housing might help you overcome this obstacle and use a wide range of lenses on your GoPro camera. Meet Back-Bone Ribcage, a premium housing for the GoPro Hero3 and Hero3+ Black that enables you to use M12, CS, C-mount and full size professional manual camera lenses via an adapter ring.

This opportunity gives filmmakers a wide range of lenses to use in their productions, where a small camera is needed to fit tight spaces. Using the Back-Bone Ribcage you could take advantage of using almost any lens available on the market with your GoPro camera.

In addition to that, using various lenses you can benefit from various specific features like: focus control, macro capabilities, optical zoom or f-stop adjustment for a pleasing depth of field.

Another great feature of the Back-Bone Ribcage is the removable IR Cut filter that allows you to achieve instant night vision with the addition of an IR light source.

There's also a tricky part to all of this, as the Back-Bone Ribcage comes in two versions: a DIY kit priced at $199.99 / €145 as well as a pre-installed version that comes at a price of $799 / €583. You can grab any of these versions from the Back-Bone online shop.

Check out the video below for a full list of advantages that come with the Back-Bone Ribcage GoPro modification kit.

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