Bachelor Star Shayne Lamas Is in a Coma, Loses Baby During Surgery

Lorenzo Lamas’ daughter was pregnant in 16 weeks with her second child

Lorenzo Lamas’ 29-year-old daughter, actress and reality star Shayne Lamas, is in a coma in hospital and has lost her second child during a surgical intervention. She is in critical state, but doctors are optimistic about her recovery.

TMZ reports that trouble for Shayne, who is best known for her role on “General Hospital” and her participation in the hit dating series The Bachelor, began over the weekend.

Shayne was 16 weeks pregnant with her second child, by husband Nik Richie, who is the founder of the website TheDirty.

“Sunday, at 7:35pm, law enforcement sources tell us paramedics were called and rushed to Nik and Shayne's OC home after Shayne collapsed. She was taken to the hospital. When Shayne arrived, doctors determined she was bleeding internally around her uterus and the situation was dire. Doctors were stumped and brought in specialists to figure out what was causing the bleeding,” the celebrity publication says.

Shayne lost the unborn child and she was put in an induced coma. At the time word of her condition got out, she was not breathing on her own and was said to be in a critical state. The good news is that doctors believed her prognosis to be good.

“Shayne had a life-saving emergency surgery. She is on a ventilator system and is in a sedation-induced coma. Her vital signs are now currently stable,” Nik Richie says in a statement for the same media outlet.

He doesn’t offer more details on his wife’s condition or, for that matter, what might have caused the emergency.

Shayne Lamas, daughter of Lorenzo Lamas and Michele Cathy Smith, was featured on season 12 of The Bachelor and even went on to the finals. Bachelor Matt Grant proposed to her on the last episode and, of course, they became engaged – but would later split up after lots of rumors of trouble in Paradise.

She and husband Nik Richie welcomed their first child in late 2011, a daughter they named Press Dahl Lamas-Richie. They made plenty of headlines for their decision to call their girl “Press.”

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