Baby Seal Wanders into Traffic in Carson

The animal almost gets run over by a driver, wildlife officials jump to the rescue

This past Sunday, a baby seal presumed to be less than a year old decided to trade the peace and quiet of its natural habitat for the entertainment that only traffic could provide.

Hence its wandering into a busy intersection in Carson, Los Angeles County, California.

Apparently, the animal almost got hit by a driver, and local officials were left with no choice except stop traffic for a short while in order to make sure that no harm would come to the baby seal.

Following its being herded onto the sidewalk, employees of the local Marine Animal Rescue were called in and asked to take control of the situation, sources say.

Thus, the baby seal was caught and taken to an animal sanctuary, where veterinarians were to make sure that it had not suffered any significant injuries.

Although nobody can figure out how it was exactly that this animal ended up in Carson, most people suspect that the seal came out of the Dominguez Channel, which happens to run alongside the 405.

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