Baby Red Panda Gets Taken by Surprise, Can't Hold Its Ground – Video

The cub is annoyingly cute, desperately tries to make head and tail of what is happening

Halloween scares and horror movies aside, it seems that one need not necessarily be a prankster or a psycho to scare the life out of someone. Especially if that someone is a red baby panda.

The cubs in this video are roughly four months old and live at the Maruyama Zoo in Japan. Whereas two of them seem quite aware of their surroundings, the third is anything but difficult to spook.

All one has to do is walk up behind it, take it by surprise and here comes one of the funniest reactions to a scare one has ever seen.

The cub almost instantaneously falls on its back and starts moving its tiny feet around, most likely in order to show that it is ready and willing to put up a fight.

Luckily for us, the whole incident was caught on camera.

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