Baby Orangutan Rescued After Plantation Worker Hacked Off His Fingers

Sura now lives at the Nyaru Menteng Rescue Center in Indonesia

Vets and conservationists at the Nyaru Menteng Rescue Center in Indonesia are now working around the clock trying to keep a rescued baby orangutan safe and sound.

The baby was recently found and brought to the Center by a local villager. At that time, he was scared, confused and in poor health.

According to Daily Mail, it did not take vets all that long to figure out that he was missing the tips of three of his fingers.

Although its impossible to determine exactly what happened to the tiny animal, conservationists suspect that a palm oil plantation worker was the one who hacked off his fingers using either a knife or a machete.

Because he is still very young, the baby orangutan, named Sura, needs a full-time babysitter. Keepers hope that he will manage to survive the experience, and get back on his feet.

Presently, orangutans are an endangered species. Environmentalists say that habitat destruction is the main threat to these animals' long term survival.

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