Baby Mugging: Adorable Meme Debuted After Boston Marathon Bombing

This photo fad only requires a camera, a baby and a cup

A new photo fad for moms and dads with a sense of humor is so adorable, that you feel like trying it even if you have to borrow the model or snap a picture of a baby at a friend's house without their knowledge.

The meme, known as “mugging,” which does not imply violence or robbery, consists of photographing a baby while holding a cup in the foreground.

As you can see above, it creates the optical illusion of having the infant look half-submerged in said cup.

As editors at HLNTV have noticed, this one is easy to do and it doesn't imply risking you safety, which is the case with Vadering or Pottering, to name just two.

This craze was started by the Mommy Shorts website after the deadly Boston Marathon explosions.

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