Baby Left Behind in Philly as Mother and Grandmother Avoid Paying Subway Fare

Both women left the station thinking that the other one had taken the baby

A woman and her daughter have accidentally left behind a baby near a subway ticket booth in Philadelphia while trying to get away without paying a subway fare.

SEPTA spokeswoman Heather Redfern tells the Philadelphia Inquirer that the older woman had a one-day pass which she tried to hand over to her daughter, the child's mother.

The pair have devised a way to avoid paying for an extra pass – the mother would get on the train at the 60th Street Station while the grandma would make her way to 56th Street with the same pass.

Unfortunately, the scheme backfired as they both thought the other one had the baby with her. The infant was left next to the booth and taken in by the cashier.

Authorities have waited for them to come in and haven't filed any charges in this case. They probably believe that the emotional distress they have experienced is enough to teach them a lesson.

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