Baby Humpback Whale Beaches in Hawaii, Dies Shortly After

The whale was merely a few days old, city workers took care of removing the body

This past Monday, around 9 p.m., a baby humpback whale passed away after beaching on an East Honolulu beach in Hawaii.

Marine biologists explain that the baby whale was merely a few days old: it only measured 13 feet (roughly 3 meters) in length, and weighed a total of 2,550 pounds (about 1,150 kilograms).

Apparently, this baby whale somehow got stuck in shallow waters and, while trying to escape, got tangled in a fishing net.

However, experts maintain that these events cannot be listed as the cause of death, and that the whale must have been feeling unwell prior to its stranding on the beach.

Seeing how the animal's body displayed no signs of major injuries, specialists and ordinary folks are still puzzled over what caused it to die.

Sources report that, after having been removed from the beach by workers, the whale's body was taken to the Hawaii Pacific University. It is to be expected that the upcoming necropsy will help shed some light on this unfortunate incident.

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