Baby Asian Elephant at Melbourne Zoo Is the Cutest Thing Ever

The elephant calf was born on December 8, keepers say it's a male

This past December 8, a female Asian elephant at Australia's Melbourne Zoo delivered its second baby. The calf was born early in the morning, at around 7 a.m., and its caretakers say that it stood up and took its first steps just minutes after it came face to face with the world.

The baby elephant is nursing as often as it has the chance, and, judging by how cute it looks, the odds that its mom ever denies it a meal are pretty much slim to none.

Zoo Borns tells us that the Asian elephant calf is a male, and that it now tips the scale somewhere around 289 pounds (131 kilograms).

The baby elephant hasn't yet met the rest of the herd at Melbourne Zoo. Keepers promise that, in the days to come, they will introduce it to the rest of the elephants living at this facility. Until this happens, the calf will have to settle for playing just with its mom.

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