Baby Anteater Born at Cotswold Wildlife Park in the UK

The baby giant anteater was born this past February 16 to mom Zeta

Earlier this year, on February 16, a giant anteater living in captivity at the Cotswold Wildlife Park in the United Kingdom delivered an adorable baby.

Caretakers say that the baby anteater appears to be in good health and about as active as anyone would imagine a creature so young to be.

According to Zoo Borns, the tiny anteater is the first offspring its parents, i.e. four-year-old Zeta and five-year-old Zoro, have had until now.

These two adult anteaters have been at the Cotswold Wildlife Park since 2010, when they were brought here from Colchester Zoo.

However, it would appear that it took them a while to fall head over heels in love with one another and start a family.

The baby anteater now spends most of its time holding tight to its mom's fur, and zoo employees say that the latter is still a tad reluctant about letting others come close to its offspring.

Interestingly enough, the tiny creature is not only a first for both its parents, but also the first of its kind to have until now been born at the Cotswold Wildlife Park.

Presently, caretakers are unable to say whether the baby anteater is a boy or a girl. However, they promise that, as soon as they find out, they will let the creature's fans know.

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