Baby Albino Seal Is Now an Orphan

Zookeepers struggle to take care of the cub as best as they can

Just recently, the Dortmund Zoo in Germany was proud to present visitors with a rather rare sighting: a baby albino fur seal. At that time, the cub was proudly walking around its enclosure together with its mother, Harimée.

Unfortunately, the baby seal is now an orphan, as its mother died shortly after it made its first public appearance together with its cub.

Since fur seals have a life expectancy of about 30 years, and Harimée was just 16, an autopsy is bound to be conducted so as to try and determine the cause of its sudden death.

Presently, the orphaned albino baby is nurtured by zoo employees.

To make sure the cub has as many chances at survival as possible, visitors are no longer allowed to see it, since this might be a stressful experience for it.

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