BSNL Launches “Bharat Phone” in India, the Common Man’s “Smart Phone”

The feature phone is available for purchase for only Rs 1,099 ($19 / €14)

India is one of the largest mobile phone markets in the world, which is why many handset makers are now trying to bring their most affordable handsets in this country.

Several phone makers operating in just a few countries have decided to focus part of their production on India as well. It appears that there’s a place for everyone on this country’s mobile phone market.

Although smartphone use in India has been increasing exponentially over the last couple of years, feature phones are still the most used communication tools in the country.

Which is why lots of native companies are still launching such devices – and to get a big piece of the pie (read market share). The latest handset launched in the territory and aimed at those who can’t afford to purchase a smartphone or simply don’t need one is called “Bharat phone.”

According to India Times, state-owned carrier BSNL has just announced the immediate availability of the so-called “Bharat phone” in the country.

The feature phone is dual-SIM and is powered by Java. It can be purchased for only Rs 1,099 ($19 / €14), which is considerably much cheaper than the cheapest Android smartphones available on the market.

“The low-cost mobile device will alter the Indian feature phone industry as it has been designed especially for e-governance applications and optimized for internet access to empower common man.

“As the phone is pre-bundled with attractive voice plan, the mobile handset offers common man the power of internet access at an affordable price and will benefit a wide section of society,” said BSNL chairman R K Upadhyay.

The phone is manufactured by Pantel Technologies, a company well-known in India for its affordable tablets. Pantel Managing Director Vijender Singh, who was also present at the launch of the “Bharat phone,” confirmed that the handset comes with integrated browser and ability to browse the Internet.

In addition, users will be able to receive and send e-mails, as well as check Facebook and download music, video, and Java games directly on the phone. Moreover, the “Bharat phone” is capable of running applications such as mobile banking, tele-healthcare delivery, and streaming data delivery.

“Besides facility for dual SIM card, the phone is equipped with 1.3 mega pixel rear camera, Bluetooth for quick sharing of files, a lithium-ion battery with eight-hour charge and 15 days standby, 64MB random access memory (RAM) and 64MB of internal storage, SMS scheduler, multimedia gaming and mobile tracker,” concluded Singh.

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