BET President Apologizes for Rihanna, Chris Brown Incident at the 2011 Awards

At this year’s BET Awards, when the moment came to present the award for Coca-Cola Viewers’ Choice, a very odd thing happened, with presenters calling out Chris Brown and then Rihanna, only to have Drake up on stage to accept it. The BET president has apologized for the incident.

The moment was one of the most awkward ever in the history of music awards (though some argue it doesn’t even come close to the Kanye West – Taylor Swift moment).

The three presenters took to the stage to announce the winner of the fan-voted award, but they seemed to have serious issues with deciding who it was, as the video below will confirm.

Tiffany Green, the “lucky” winner who got to present for the aforementioned category, completely ran out of luck, as she first read Brown’s name, then Rihanna’s as the winner.

To her surprise, it was Drake who stepped up on stage to accept the award and, from his body language, he was definitely not amused by what had just happened.

Because fingers had been pointed and there were even some accusations that the network did this on purpose to grab headlines, BET President Stephen Hill took to Twitter to own up to the mistake.

“That BET Awards Viewer’s Choice mix-up was due to human error. And I was the human that made that error. I apologize to ALL affected,” Hill tweeted, as AceShowbiz informs.

Green, on the other hand, claimed she’d been set up, which is probably how those rumors of this being just a PR stunt got started.

“Bawling backstage. They totally [expletive-]ed me up. The tablet [expletive-]in said CHRIS BROWN....the TELEPROMPTER said Rihanna. What the [expletive]?????? Goin home.....” she wrote on Twitter, as per the aforementioned publication.

Hours later, she cooled down enough to come back and tweet that she realized it all had been an honest mistake, and that she thanked everybody for their kind words.

Below is the very awkward moment at the BET Awards. As celebrity pundits put it, if this was indeed just a ploy to get media attention, it was very poorly executed.

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