BET Awards 2012: Beyonce, Kanye West Snub Kim Kardashian

She may have been Kanye’s date but she was totally out of place at the event

Only a few days ago, Kim Kardashian partied with Beyonce at a Jay-Z, Kanye West concert, but that doesn't make them close friends. Far from it, if Beyonce's behavior at this weekend's BET Awards 2012 is any indication.

As the photo attached will confirm, Kim was Kanye's date at the awards show. She was seated next to him but, unlike on previous occasions, she didn't really get to mix with A-listers Beyonce and Jay-Z.

That's because Kanye was seated between them, literally separating her from them.

Even so, it's not like Beyonce went out of her way to make Kim feel welcome, Hollywood Life reports.

For the entire night, Beyonce made sure she spoke either to Jay or to her sister Solange, who was seated on her other side.

When she went up on stage to collect her award, she didn't as much glance at her new bestie Kim – and HL says her icy behavior shocked onlookers especially because of earlier reports that they were growing closer.

“Look, as far as I know, there’s no tension between Kim and Beyonce, but I was there and could see B and Solange throwing shade,” says one eyewitness.

“They wasn’t [sic] even talking to her and B didn’t even give Kim a hug or a [expletive]-ing high-5 or nothing when she won her awards,” the insider goes on to say.

As this eyewitness sees it, it's “stupid” for Beyonce to publicly snub Kim like that because their men are in business together – and making a lot of money off of it.

The least Beyonce can do is be respectful to Kanye's girlfriend, says the spy.

As if that wasn't bad enough, Kanye too snubbed Kim – or so voices in the blogosphere are saying.

Below is a gif of the moment Kanye and Jay got up to pick up their award: Jay barely acknowledges Kim, while Kanye wipes his mouth after she kissed him.

“The foursome seemed to be having a great time until the awkward moment when Kanye won the Best Group Performance award. It appeared that Kim was ready to give her beau a big kiss, but he didn't respond,” the Examiner writes.

This could either mean that Kim isn't really welcome in Kanye's circle of friends (yet) or that we're reading too much into it.

What do you think?

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