BBM Arrives in the BlackBerry Beta Zone

The new app release arrives on devices with a wide range of bug fixes

A new flavor of Research In Motion’s BlackBerry Messenger application is now available for download through the Beta Zone, namely version

The new app release brings along a great deal of enhancements, and is said to be the final beta release of this app iteration, very likely to graduate to a stable version.

The new flavor of BBM was meant to resolve a great deal of bugs previously discovered in the application, including some that affected users’ experience with the Voice Chat connection.

Some of these bugs included the situation where declining a phone call while in a voice chat would cause the voice chat to have no audio, or another that resulted in no audio in a voice chat when receiving a phone call while in a voice chat.

At the same time, the new app flavor resolves an issue that automatically put an OS 7.1.0 device in speaker mode when receiving a BBM Voice Call while in an active phone call.

Users of OS 6.0 devices experienced dropped audio for a phone call when receiving a BBM Voice Call while in an active phone conversation.

Furthermore, the update fixes a problem for receiving phone calls while in voice chat, which resulted in the message explaining that accepting the phone call would end with the voice chat being cut off.

Another issue fixed in the new app release involved BBM contact status not being correctly updated and the BBM Voice icon remaining disabled after Child Protection goes from enabled to disabled.

The changelog of the new BBM (available courtesy of CrackBerry) also includes:

- Call stays “connecting” for a very long time

- In the message “Missed voice” the name of the contact is not visible

- “Not talking” and “Not interested” emoticons swapped

- Emoticons appear small, regardless of font size

- Emoticons don't match in status message and display name after changing font sizes

- Uncaught exception or no audio when calling between 9810 and a 9981 on 7.0 OS

- Device opening a secure connection to but the server's certificate contains a different domain:

- The timestamp in the email text that is forwarded from BBM Group Chat is not accurate

- After canceling an outbound call another outbound call is placed automatically

- Chat ended with call history added twice

- Unable to restore BBM contact list for one-time recovery from SD card when SD card has 0 bytes free

- Users can send voice notes while on a call using convenience key and with on screen attach button

- The device becomes frozen after receiving an MVS call during a BBM Voice chat

- No menu option to activate speaker phone or headset when call screen is minimized

- Contact Voice Status appears in italics beside music symbol when replacing Music status

- NullPointerException popped up on screen after battery pull

- BBM still shows the Name of the song as status, even though the song is not playing and Show What I'm Listening To is unchecked

Users interested in downloading the new app release will need to go to the BlackBerry Beta Zone for that. They will also need an account on the portal to be able to access the available resources.

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