BBC Launches iPlayer Radio App for iPhone

Wake up to your favourite BBC station, see what your friends are listening to

The BBC has announced a brand-new iPlayer Radio app for iOS platforms, with Android soon to follow suit. The new app aims to transform your access to BBC radio programs with on-demand catch-up content, reminders, and more.

The British broadcaster says “with the app, you can wake up with your favourite breakfast show and instantly find the breadth of BBC radio at your fingertips.”

Users can set an alarm and wake up to their favorite shows and music, spin through a dial and listen live to all BBC Radio stations, swipe to reveal on-demand catch-up content (including videos), set reminders to never miss an episode of their favorite shows, and even see what their friends are up to.

For now, BBC iPlayer Radio will deliver live radio, videos, clips, downloads, social media feeds and other features. If you think that’s a lot, BBC says they’ve got even more in store for their fans.

The broadcaster plans to expand its offerings in the coming months, “as more access to content direct from DJs and presenters creates a two-way conversation between audience and studio.”

Daniel Danker, general manager, Programmes and On-Demand for the BBC, said, “BBC iPlayer Radio is radio for an audience that expects to access our content anywhere: now you truly can take BBC Radio with you wherever you go.”

“It's also radio for an audience that wants greater choice and control,” added Danker.”

“They want to listen again when they choose, to personalise their listening experience, to share tracks they've discovered with friends. BBC iPlayer Radio delivers all of these things, in a simple, consistent, easy to navigate way. At the heart of it is the BBC's quality radio programmes, and iPlayer Radio sets those programmes free like never before,” he said.

Apple is yet to approve the binary in its App Store.

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