B&N Pulls a Dell, Goes Private, or at Least It Wants To [Forbes]

Scrapping the whole Nook business may be just one of its plans

Barnes & Noble has been a bookstore chain for a long time, but it performed some courageous inroads into the hardware and software market.

The Nook line of e-readers and tablets has made the news quite often. The Nook HD and HD+ are fairly new items even.

Sadly, the company is reportedly preparing to drop the whole business due to lack of profitability.

Now it is reported that B&N will do much more than that. According to Forbes, it might go private like Dell did not long ago.

Leonardo Riggio purchased the Barnes & Noble bookstore chain over 40 years ago. Now, he is thinking of making a bid for the bookstore, online business, and other retail assets, though not Nook Media.

Maybe this is the source of the rumor we have mentioned.

Since Riggio already owns almost 30% of the shares, and is acting chairman, buying the rest should be straightforward enough.

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