B&N Prepares International Nook App Developer Event

Becomes serious about sending the Nook products to other countries

Since the Nook e-reader and Nook Tablet have been doing so well, Barnes & Noble has been lobbying for a way to expand its reach.

The company wants to have its Nook products sent to countries besides the United States.

The upcoming event in London, scheduled for March 19 this year (2012), may just be the first step in that direction. The venue is CBI Conference Centre at Centre Point.

The purpose of the gathering will be to explore the options and means of establishing a healthy app ecosystem.

The Developer's Workshop will look at app creation and development, as well as how to make the best of one's time and financial investments.

“We will deep dive into all the technical aspects to help you distribute your apps on NOOK tablets and cover the entire development process -- from app creation to app submission,” B&N reportedly said.

“Learn how to quickly monetize your business in a storefront where, in the US, top-selling apps gross more than $100,000 in the first 30 days of sale.”

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