B&N May Abandon Nook Devices Altogether [NYT]

Bookstore will only license content to third-party developers

Last we heard, nook sales were very weak for Barnes & Noble. Now we are faced with the high probability that the devices, or at least most of them, will go extinct.

Opinions are divided on this matter, it seems. While The New York Times reports a likelihood for B&N to stop making hardware, CNET differs.

"We have no plans to discontinue our award-winning line of Nook products," B&N spokesperson Mary Ellen Keating reportedly told the latter.

The reason that Nook is proving somewhat disappointing is twofold. On the one hand, B&N had rather high expectations. On the other, Amazon's Kindle and Kindle Fire gadgets ate a lot of the potential market share of Nook.

Regardless of whether or not Nook devices will go totally extinct, B&N will make software and license content to third-party developers.

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