Axon Launches Tablet PC that Runs Mac OS X

Axon Logic has announced pre-order availability of its $750 tablet computer which supports Mac OS X, Apple’s proprietary operating system. Given that it is able to support Mac OS X, the device is considered to be a “Hackintosh.”

A computer that isn’t manufactured by Apple, yet was built to run Mac OS X is referred to as a Hackintosh - a portmanteau of the word "hack", and the name of Apple's brand of computers, Macintosh.

Apple doesn’t condone the installation of Mac OS X on such computers, although many attempts have been made (by companies like Psystar) to capitalize on the ability to ship OS X-compatible PCs.

Featuring a 1.66 GHz Atom N270 processor, a 10-inch display, 2GB of RAM, a 320 GB HDD, a built-in 1.3 megapixel web cam, and 3G / CDMA wireless capabilities, the Axon Haptic tablet is specifically advertised as being Mac OS X-compatible.

A picture of the device is featured on the Axon Logic web site with the Apple logo placed in the middle of the tablet’s screen, between those of the Windows and Linux operating systems.

But this is just scratching the surface.

Axon notes: “We give you the choice of easily choosing which OS you want to boot up to.”

Although the phrasing could use a little work, the company continues: “Of course, we suspect that you’ll be using Darwin the most.” Mac OS X is based on the Darwin open source spec.

“That EFI partition also means painless updates,” Axon notes, referring to Apple software updates that come directly from Cupertino. “Apple Inc.s Snow Leopard is a Darwin OS,” Axon pinpoints.

Yet the company is careful to outline that “the EULA specifically prohibits installation on a ‘non-Apple-branded’ computer,” thus effectively shifting responsibility over to the user.

In other words, Axon is saying that it made this tablet OS X-compatible, period. The vendor does not encourage customers to install OS X, although the reference to Apple's OS will surely entice them to do so.

Further down the list of "benefits" the company makes another strong reference to Apple, suggesting the iPad is a joke compared to its Haptic tablet.

“The Axon Haptic has a built in, 10 inch Resistive touchscreen, enabling you to touch the world like never before,” the company brags.

Yet resistive screens actually use older technology than capacitive screens, namely, those employed by Apple devices, including the iPad).

“Don’t be limited to how you touch. Use the built in stylus, your fingers, or even a glove,” it continues.

Giving Apple’s iPad the “final blow”, Axon boasts: “But most important, don’t be limited to what you touch. Touch a full blown OS instead of an OS meant for a phone,” it states, in what is a clear reference to iOS, the underlying iPhone software also employed by the iPad.

Needless to point out, there are many benefits with likely an equal number of disadvantages that come with the Axon Haptic, therefore Softpedia strongly advises readers to carefully review their options.

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