Axl Rose Pelted with Bottles in Brazil Concert

Star defuses the situation, rocks on

Though clearly against their will, Axl Rose and the new Guns N’ Roses seem to have like this gift to create chaos wherever they go, as countless incidents and riots with them on tour can confirm. The other night, as they were performing in Brazil, the rockers were about to have another situation on their hands – but luckily Axl Rose came to the rescue.

As TMZ can also confirm, footage shot by fans at the Sao Paolo concert shows that, while singing, Axl was hit by a bottle with water thrown by someone from the audience. The rocker immediately asked the band to stop playing and verbally admonished the so-called fan by telling him that they were not there to be mocked but to have fun. If he insisted on being a jerk by throwing water bottles on the stage, Axl assured him, he and the band would pack up and leave.

“Guns N’ Roses frontman Axl Rose was so [upset] this weekend during a concert he almost walked off stage – after being pelted with a water bottle. It all went down in Sao Paulo, Brazil, when someone in the audience launched a liquid filled plastic projectile at Rose during the opening number. Axl was ticked and stopped the show while screaming ‘You wanna [expletive] up the show for everybody? You wanna [expletive] with me and my boys? We will leave.’ They didn’t – and the show continued moments later,” TMZ writes of the incident.

However, it should be noted that Rose, though usually of a highly flammable temper, kept his cool throughout the entire thing, even as he was challenging the fan to repeat his stupid and rude gesture. After he was done with admonishing him, Axl resumed the gig, politely asking the audience, “Now, where were we, ladies and gentlemen?” As also noted above, the entire incident has been captured on tape and can be seen in the video below.

Even if this particular incident was defused by Axl himself, other tour dates did not go as well, MTV says. A supposedly private gig, also in Sao Paolo, ended in riot when the band failed to show – but that was only because Guns had not been booked for it in the first place. The following night, their gig in Rio de Janeiro was canceled after rain wrecked part of the stage.

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